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Whether it's rewarding individual or group team members, team-building or simply looking for a persoanl holiday option, be it a social group, group of friends, or an education school touring option, or even a fundraiser, we have selected a range of small group tours which can be used for any number of purposes unique to you as the traveller, or for your organiasation.

Each of the presented small grpoup tours have been chosen specifically for their high level of uniqueness while at the same time affording all our participating guests the opportunity to truly enjoy real close up and personal destination experiences involving all of the 5 senses.  You can even choose from a pre-scheduled departure, or if wanting to travel as a closed group, we can work wout our tour suppliers to tailor a preferred tour depature date to suit your travel needs. Of course some conditions for private group tours will apply such as availability and seasonality and quite possibly a restrictions of numbers, but we'll always do our best to accommodate your groups needs.

If there is an existing pre-scheduled tour you are interested in, or would like to enquire about planning your own private group tour program, we'd be more than happy to help. We also have an amazing array of additional desitnations available outside of those listed on our website for your additional consideration. Oh, and all private group departure can be amended to meet the overall needs of the group, or if there is a specific purpose in mind.

Connecting you with the destination   Resident Tour Director on all tours   Maximum groups size of up to 22 guests

Our selection of small group tours are not just about the sights and highlights, they're about connecting you with authentic and inspiring experiences.

Our selection of small group tours have been selected to create an immersing and unique travel experience reflective of the distinctive culture, heritage, architecture and cuisine of each selected destination.


We feel that the best way to see a destination is with people who live there. After all, who better to show you around than someone with great connections with local communities, an understanding of the culture, and a passion for their region.

Our personally selected range of small group tours are all fully escorted with a Resident Tour Director and use the services of local expert guides ensuring you receive at all times the highest level of personal attention.


We know when travelling spending more time at the destination is more important than the time it takes to get there. That's why the full range of selected tours presented are capped to between 12 to a maximum of 22 guests.

We'll start with the highlights, but when the big tour groups hop back on their transfer, your resident guides will help you discover some of the more unique elements of each destination in a more relaxed pace, while spending more time in each destination.

Authentic accommodations   Irresistible dining opportunities   Select, create or mix to match...

All selected small group journeys include quality, handpicked accommodations, with private amenities and all the standard expectations such as individual climate controls in each bedroom, your choice for single or twin share and are generally (subject to destination) centrally located so you can spend less time getting to and from your hotel and more time exploring.

In more regional destinations, the choice of accommodation venues are usually smaller and contemporary, with a focus on local character and charm.


Sampling a new cuisine can be like visiting a new destination in itself. In fact, the best way to explore and understand a any culture is through its food. When it comes to dining and being a smaller group, means being able to access a greater range of restaurants specialising in authentic local cuisine, of course dietary requirements will be met.

For free time dining, your local resident tour guide will be only too happy to make a recommendaiton, and even make a reservation on your behalf.


Far too often, most tour providers will focus only on the start and end date, and fail to offer their guests the oportunity to do pre or post touring. All small group tours allows travellers to maximise their holidays with a range of pre or post add-on options, or to simply do your own exploration, for which we'd also be happy to assist with the planning.

For private group tours such as sporting clubs, common interest social groups, school groups, this is an ideal option to maximise your experiences with activities to suit the whole group.



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