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When we first established our business in 2004, our key focus was the provisioning of dedicated conference and event planning services. And while this still remains our primary focus, we are mindful the needs for the successful planning of an event in today's business environment is far more complex and diverse than when we first commenced operations. 

Today we are committed more than ever to ensuring we bring to the market place as many of the required services, products and venue options needed to meet the diversity of the modern conference and events environment.

We have a long standing record of not only meeting the expectations of our conference and event clients, but are also known for introducing new options and services to our clients. And in 2014 we expanded our range of our services to include Group and Business Travel services, along with dedicated special interest and incentive toursm and we were further delighted to extened our travel services for the exclusive use of our clients for personal travel.

The image above sums our values fully, we are about being productive, about being curious and exploring new ideas, about being prepared, sharing information collbaoratively to imporve standards and most importantly the consistent evaluation and introduction of quality products and services.

However it is not just our range of services that continues to grow, so does our representation, and in 2016, we will have representation across 6 key destinations, China, Hong Kong and Macau, Fiji, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates with Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and selected destinations across the United States currently in review.

We are firmly positioned to ensure every aspect of your event is carefully considered, all options explored and every element seemlessly executed, as the success of your event is our personal reward. We look forward to assisting you with your future events.

If you would like to contact us about any proposed program you may have in the planning, you can also click here and email us the details and we'll respond immediatley to your request

Craig Sargent MBS tourism, cert IV travel and tourism

Managing Director
Corporate Meeting Planners


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