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About Us

In Australia, a Professional Conference Organiser is typically recognised as an intermediary service provider (also considered as a broker) offering a mix of travel and tourism related services to an array of business sectors such as; but not restricted to; Corporate Organisations; Not-For-Profit; Government; and Community and/or Industry Associations on behalf of suppliers such as hotels and local activity and attraction providers, airlines, cruise companies and other transportation providers.

While rules vary from country to country, in Australia; and in some cases; Professional Conference Organisers may also be licenced to offer the above additional travel related services either under the rules of the local governing body AFTA (the Australian Federation of Travel Agents) or directly with IATA (the International Air Transport Authority), the globally ruling authority for all travel service providers, registered passenger travel airlines, cruise companies and most leading hotels and hotel chains.

There are also Professional Conference Organisers and Travel Service Providers that may act as general sales agents for foreign travel companies, allowing them to have offices or operational services in countries other than where their headquarters are located. These types of service providers operate under the law of the local country in association with the governing authority of IATA.

Corporate Meeting Planners operates as both a Professional Conference Organiser and Travel Service Provider registered and certified by; and operating under; the rules of IATA (the International Air Transport Authority) allowing us to act as an intermediary agent, selling conference and travel related products and services including travel transportation on behalf of our extensive range of suppliers.

As a service provider, and unlike other retail based businesses, we do not manufacture or produce our own goods and or services for purchase. Our role is to connect you (our clients) to those service providers who have the ability to meet your required expectations and to facilitate the contractual exchange of products and or services.

Further, at all times (unless otherwise directed by you our client) we remain completely impartial from favouring one service provider over another. This means when we are working for you, we will only present the suppliers of products and services we deem to have the capacity and capability of delivery within your required expectations.

Fee Free Service

Advancing our impartiality, we do not charge any of our clients for the services we provide when it comes to the planning and contracting of service providers. Further, we provide clear transparency with all supplier quoted rates and the rates we provide you on behalf of those suppliers ensuring both are exactly the same.

In accordance with standard industry practice, we may receive a fee for service from the supplier/s you choose or contract the services from. These fees may vary in value and do not apply to all services within the booking contract or agreement. Any fees for service returned to Corporate Meeting Planners form part of the supplier’s standard, advertised or if applicable discounted rates.


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