About Our Website

About Our Website

Every now and then it's important to make some changes, and we decided it was about time we made some changes to our website (and technology) that allows us to present our fullest range of service offerings.

We have always had a long term vision to bring the greatest range of integrated conference, event and travel planning services to a single online point of access. We know the new website looks very different, but we're confident you'll find it easy to navigate through and use.

Our new website and business directions has 4 key focus points;

Getting connected!
The new site has a modern layout, easily navigable design, and is optimized to view on multiple device types. So whether you are on an iPad at home, Android phone in the field, or using your grandparents IBM in Australia's remote outback, you'll have no problems connecting to; and accessing our many services, of course as long as you have internet access.

Jump in!
We encourage you to explore the new site, although much has changed, all of the resources that we have incorporated in to our standard business services over the years now part of the site. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on the site design, and helped us to create a more user friendly platform.

Get social!
We’ve focused on integrating social media into every part of the site, so wherever you are you can share what you see with your friends and colleagues.

Information Access!
Although most of the content on our site is freely accessible, from time to time there will be the occasion for visitors to create an online account to obtain greater access. Such occasions may include access to special offers or invitations to events, or for the purchase of products we may make available only online.

But if we have missed anything, failed to cross a t or dot an i we want you to tell us about it.  So please contact us and let us know what it is we've either missed or you would like included and we'll do our best to make it happen.



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