Booking, Payments, Terms and Conditions

Bookings, Payments, Terms and Conditions

We value our privacy, so it is only fair we value yours as well. We invite you to read and familiarise yourself with our Booking, Payments and Terms and Conditions policy and procedures. if you have any questions please contact us directly. Our contact details are supplied at the bottom of this statement.

What information do we collect?

For all enquiries only, we do not pass your contact details to our suppliers or other 3rd party providers.

When you make a firm reservation, only then are we are required to supply the key or required contact details and other as required information to the nominated supplier/s.

For groups, only the group leader or group contact details will be provided at confirmation. The contracted suppliers will then request all other contact details for member in the group directly with the group leader.

For individual reservations or bookings, Corporate Meeting Planners will be required to collect all contact details at the time of actual reservation.

Financial transactions.

Conference, Event and other Group Bookings:

Corporate Meeting Planners will not accept deposits for, or any other funds associated with the contracting of conference, event and other group based booking/reservation. All payments for group based services are to be paid directly to the contracted suppliers by the client as provided on the booking confirmation documentation. This includes bookings for groups on all AIR / SEA based services.

Personal bookings for CRUISE Transport Services

Corporate Meeting Planners have a mix of agreements with various suppliers of cruise based transport services. In most cases, Corporate Meeting Planners can accept payments via various formats on behalf of the agreed to or contracted suppliers. Once received, the cruise service provider will be advised and the payment automatically deducted from our account within 24-48 hours of advice.

Personal bookings for AIR Transport Services

Corporate Meeting Planners is unable to offer a credit based service for Air Transport based services. With most airfares requiring immediate payment on booking, all intended passengers/travellers must provide a valid credit card with the available funds at time of booking. Corporate Meeting Planners will use the nominated credit card along with your agreement to charge authority before any AIR transport reservation/s is made.

Personal bookings for land based Services

Unless otherwise advised or directed from the nominated supplier, Corporate Meeting Planners will only request the credit card details of the traveller/s which will be advised to the contracted suppliers of goods and services. Those suppliers may either charge the nominated credit card upon receipt or use the provided credit card as security for your booking.


We act as the intermediary between supplier/s or products and services and our client. Any dispute/s regarding the supply of good and services from the suppliers engaged under instruction from our clients, from our client to the suppliers are to be handled directly between the parties concerned. We do not intercede, side, or represent the interests of supplier and client where disputes may arise.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you cancel or change an existing booking where either a deposit or the full value of the contracted/agreed to rate of your booking has been made, you may incur a cancellation or rebooking charge. The amount of this charge will vary depending on when the cancellation or change is made in accordance with the booking terms and conditions of the contacted / affected supplier. If you are entitled to a refund please note Corporate Meeting Planners is unable to provide you with those funds until they are received by us from the supplier/s.

Payment Processing via Corporate
Meeting Planners

Depending on the supplier and unless otherwise advised, the standard processing of payments made to Corporate Meeting planners on behalf of your contracted suppliers will be automatically deducted from our account upon advice to the supplier.

For personal HOTEL reservations: Corporate Meeting Planners will not process any payments for hotel reservations made on your behalf. The charge for hotel reservations will be processed via the hotel/s directly.

For personal AIR transport reservations: Corporate Meeting Planners will not process any air transport reservation unless funds have been received by us from you, or an Authority to charge Credit Card advise has been received.

For personal CRUISE transport reservations: Cruise ships will automatically deduct the advised payment once payment has been received by Corporate Meeting Planners. Corporate Meeting Planners is unable to process individual or other credit card payments directly in to your cruise reservation account.

Credit Card Payments

Corporate Meeting Planners does not accept credit card payments for any of our services. For hotel bookings, your credit card may be used as holding security against your reservation/s. Any charges incurred for hotel reservations will be processed by the hotel, usually upon arrival/check-in.

For Cruise reservations - we accept direct over the cuntry bank deposits, eft payments or PayID.

For Air Reservations, all travellers will be required to complete an authority to charge credit card form. Payment processing will be made directly with the service provider upon reciept of signed documents.

To ensure the security of your intended transaction, all credit card transactions regardless will require an Authroity to Charge Credit Card form to be completed.

Cash and EFT Payments, Direct Deposits
and PayID

Payments made via Cash or EFT, Direct over the counter Bank Deposits or PayID are subject to the terms and conditions of processing as per your banking processing systems. Typically these payments can take up to 48 hours to clear. Please ensure all payments are made wel n advance of your advised automatic cancellation date.

Force majeure.

In the case where unforeseen circumstances beyond our control occur, we will offer all assistance as required.

In the case where a supplier contract has been signed or verbally agreed to, and or deposits have been made, and due to unforeseen circumstances, you the client are to deal directly with the engaged service provider to arrive at a mutual settlement to both / all parties. In such cases, we suggest legal advice be sought.

In circumstances where contracts are issued for the supply of good and services on behalf of engaged suppliers, we recommend legal advice be sought before entering any agreement.

Terms and conditions of website

At present, Corporate Meeting Planners does not accept or process payments of any type via our website. All payment types available will be advised at time of enquiry.

Your consent.

By using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy.

Changes to our privacy policy.

If for any reason we need to change or amend our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. We may also provide notification of changes throughout other pages of our site as deemed appropriate.

Date of policy.

This policy was created December 10, 2013. This policy has not been modified since December 10, 2013.

Contacting us.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below or via the contact us page under our Enquiries Link.




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