Travel Services

Travel Services

When it comes to shopping these days, we tend to connect with technology to find the right product and service and overall, seek to get the best deal we can. And when it comes to planning we are no different.

But are we always getting the best deal, are we always getting the best available fare, are we always getting the best value for our money?

Planning any travel today can be confusing, and while researching and purchasing online is meant to offer convenience, it can become quite time consuming. Visiting this site, that site, oh and there’s another to look at. But aside from a few dollars, when we break it all down, and look at the options presented, what we are seeing is in reality the same thing.

However a professional travel planner or agent is more than just an airfare seller. Professional travel agents actively seek ways to take the hassle out of travel. For example, they want to make sure that all of an airline's "hidden" fees are disclosed up front, no matter how you choose to purchase your travel. They provide you with full and honest disclosure of all fees and charges associated with air travel regardless of how you choose to purchase a ticket.

But we are much more than just fares.  As providers of travel services, we can provide you with a level of knowledge and offer an extensive range of additional services and access to information up front so you can make informed decisions.

As Travel service providers we are here to answer your questions, help you save money, offer suggestions and ensure comfort throughout your journey and offer an abundance of helpful traveling tips. We offer immediate assistance when it comes to last minute changes to your travel plans, provide detailed travel quotes, while providing options to that save money on hotels, fares and tours and attractions.

Whether it’s for personal leisure or business, a group of friends, acquaintances or business colleagues, the bottom line is that as travel agents we a vital interest in providing you with an unforgettable experience possible at the most affordable prices available.  

So why not request quote for any upcoming travel plans you may be considering. All quotes are provided as obligation free, and it remains completely your choice on how you want to purchase your travel arrangements. We can be contacted directly on 03 9363 7138 or via email to


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