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Often travelling for business means jumping online to make last minute bookings for flights, accommodation, car hire and other required services. And while this may an easy option on short notice, more often than not, the offerings available may not always the most comprehensive, convenient or flexible.

And while for some organisations the costs associated for staff business travel can be a relatively negligible consideration, for many, the costs associated for business travel can represent a real concern on their operating budgets. Of course in an ideal world advanced travel planning would afford opportunity to secure access to great rates and a wider choice of options, but business does not operate in the ideal world, and the demands on business today often means last minute call to action.

Online travel sites and travel providers are acutely aware the closer you need their service, the greater can charge higher prices the closer to the proposed date of departure. But that’s exactly what they want you to think.

Corporate Meeting Planners are licensed under the international jurisdiction of IATA – the global governing body for airlines and travel service providers; to offer full travel services to our clients – effectively we offer the same services as you would expect to receive from local travel agent, and use the same operating systems as a travel agent. This means we have direct access to more than 26 air fares per flight per airline per day with more than 270 airlines globally, and can sell flights right up to 4 hours prior to departure – perfect for those last minute unexpected change of plans.

As a full travel planning and management service, we ensure all persons travelling on business (or for leisure) are fully supported with up to the minute access to all fare availabilities including last minute options, preferred accommodation, and sundry services such as airport-hotel return transfers and car hire.

We don’t offer a call waiting system which means you’ll never be placed on hold, and coupled with our easy to read quotes, we’ll have you deciding on what services you want to book within the shortest turn-around time possible. Of course advanced planning and early booking will always mean access to greater cost savings and choices, but when this is not possible, we are standing by and ready to go.

To discuss your business travel needs or to learn more about our travel services, for business, leisure or for groups, please feel free to call us on 03 9363 7138 or via email to


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