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There are three main components when considering an offsite conference:

1 - What is the agenda and objective, and
2 - Your delegates
3 - What destination and what venue to use

While setting the agenda and objectives coupled with deciding what delegates should attend are perhaps the simpler elements to define and process, knowing what destination and venue to choose remains the one of the most complex and a time consuming considerations. Where you hold your event will reflect on how your company’s corporate image is perceived by the relevant stakeholders, and how your delegates perceive your organisation.

No two events are the same and nor are your delegates, and the method for message delivery will change should you be conducting a series of consecutive events. We appreciate budgets are a major consideration and will more often than not influence the choice of venue, but that does not mean having to select a venue purely on price and budget. Venues bidding to host your event may offer discounted rates and value added inclusions and while this may seem appealing particularly towards your budget, may in fact not meet your event requirements.

Finding the right venue for your next event is what we do best. Since 2004, we have matched our client’s events with venues that both optimise value for spend, contribute towards the delivery of the conference message, and enhance the delegate overall experience by ensuring only the right venues for your events are presented for consideration.

Our complimentary venue finding service means working within your event brief to provide you with a range venue options and costs. Once we have received quotations from our venue partners, we’ll then summarise them to an easy to read standardised format outlining all the various relevancies and costs, we can also arrange site inspections if required. Once you have made your decision on which venue to hold your event at, we’ll then arrange all confirmation documents to be issued. Allowing us to be your venue finding partner means allowing us to do what we do best and giving you more time to concentrate on the more important elements, such as the agenda.

Our venue sourcing services are offered as obligation free, and all rates advised free of any marked up pricing or embedded additional costs.

If you would like to know more about our services or would like us to assist you in finding a suitable venue for your next event, please contact us directly on 03 9363 7138 or on email to You may also choose to use our online enquiry form located here.


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