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The world is an exciting place and part of the fun of travelling is the early planning stage. The what to see and where to go, even if you’re returning back to your favourite holiday destination. You may already have a preferred hotel band or airline you like to fly with.

While the internet remains a great resource for sourcing destination opportunities it can be fraught with organisations who are both opportunistic and fraudulent and can make the holiday of a life time a nightmare.

Although we do not endorse the use of online booking systems we know that there are times when using the services of a qualified travel agent is just not practical or time permittent. So we have chosen to partner with one of the worlds’ most reliable online booking engines - Expedia.

Corporate Meeting Planners are qualified and licensed to provide a full range of travel services including flight bookings and hotel reservations, and standby ready to assist. We use a much more sophisticated level of technology globally used by travel agents, giving us greater and more in depth reservation access, and with better booking terms and conditions, and with advance planning will find the right solutions for your next adventure.

However if your preference remains to use online booking services then Expedia is for you. Expedia is one of the most trusted online booking sites in the world, is the most used online service globally, with service centres located worldwide and in Australia alone, employ more than 200 service centre staff available 24/7. And unlike most other online services, Expedia does not charge booking fees. Expedia also offers users access to more than 240,000 worldwide hotels and 130 international and domestic airlines globally.

For more detailed or extensive itineraries, we suggest either contacting us directly to discuss or using our online form to initiate the enquiry process. The more complex the itinerary may seem or the greater the number of passengers travelling, greater care and consideration are required.

At all time we suggest with any plans for international travel that you call upon the services of a qualified travel agent who will be able to keep you up to date with changes to travel policies, can access more fare options than offered via online providers, and will work with you to ensure your holiday is perfectly covered. So if you would like to discuss your next travel adventure, why not call us to discuss and allow us to partner with you in the planning process, even if it is just to compare our availability to those offered online. You can call us on +651 (3) 9363 7138 or email us to


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