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The value of your business event.

A conference, a convention, a meeting, an expo – while technically these types of events may be considered as uniquely different from one to the other, there are many similarities across all of them that unite them under the one banner as a 'Business Event'.

No matter how large or small, or whether held in a CBD location or in a regional destination, business events are a critical element in today’s globally connected community. They provide a forum where information is centralised ready to be disseminated to an audience, and most importantly, an opportunity for delegate networking – critical in a world that is constantly changing at an increasingly very fast pace.

Business events have come a-long since the 1960’s when they were first recognised as a valuable component to an organisations overall operations. Back then, business events were more centred on boardroom lunches and doing deals over dinners – the greater the dinner menu the greater the value of the company offering the deal deemed to be. These days, business events are bound by a complex set of structures, considerations and guidelines far greater than simply choosing the right napkin colour to match the dinner ware.

Typically any event, regardless of type, requires some level of a strategic planning and coordination, whether this is coordinated by specialist professional meeting and convention planners or staff within the organization itself. Either way, the events industry has grown to a point that requires extensive considerations to be applied. These days, your event speaks loudly to your delegates and to the wider community in which your organisation operates, and with the advent of social media, it’s all about getting it right the first time round.

Did you know: The business events industry is officially recognised as being part of the global tourism sector, and each event you hold contributes directly to the economic communities in which your event is held.


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