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Cruise Conferences and Meetings: the newest alternative to the traditional conference venue whose time has come.

Recent studies show almost two in five leisure cruise vacationers had been participants of an at sea event as part of a social, association or corporate event.

In Australia alone leisure cruising now represent more than 2% of the holiday vacation market. With cruise ships now offering dedicated conference facilities similar to traditional land based venues, it is little wonder more organisations now consider holding their next conference and event at sea.

In the United States alone, cruise conferencing now represents almost 50% of the conference industry, and is growing as more ships take to the American seas. Although slower to accept as an alternative to the traditional conference venue in Australia, there is a slow but growing trend developing.

A cruise ship conference or meeting offers groups an affordable experience blending productivity with a relaxing atmosphere. With cruise ship meetings, you have your choice of 3, 4, 5 or more night cruises. The ports of call and itineraries are endless and the excitement keeps moving . . . literally!

Meeting on a cruise ship puts an end to the sometimes considered monotony of being in one location for days on end. On a cruise ship, while the meeting, dining and accommodation facilities may remain the same, the backdrop is constantly changing – enhancing the delegate experience and participation values, making a corporate at sea event a memorable and rewarding experience.

Meetings at sea are also quite affordable and in most cases, actually more cost-effective than meetings on land. In fact, when compared to traditional meeting costs— including meals, entertainment, presentation equipment, and meeting space—all-inclusive cruises save between 20 to 30% on standard conference costs, according to cruise event services company Landry & Kling from CNN (click the linke below to read the report) 

Why not join the growing trend and consider having your next conference or corporate or association event on board a cruise ship. Your attendees will forever remember the experience, the budget will look great, and experience a new way of meeting! We would be pleased to talk to you more about this exciting and growing alternative.

To request a proposal or for more information about a cruise conference, meeting, event or corporate or association program, please feel free to contact us via email, our general enquiry form or call us on 03 9363 7138. Alternatively, you may download our at sea conference cruise brochure below.


Click to view the Landry and Kling CNN 2011 "Businesses cruise more to meeitngs" article.


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