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It would not be unreasonable to consider a conference on board a luxury cruise ship would constitute as a valid conference destination or venue. Nor would it be unexpected for delegates to assume their conference on board a cruise liner is also going to be anything other than a conference. And these are very fair and reasonable assumptions. Traditionally, cruise ships have really been viewed as the alternative holiday option or as an incentive program. And as the number of cruise liners continues to increase, so do you options when it comes to considering a conference venue with a difference.

Todays’ cruise liners are vastly different from when cruise liners first started visiting Australian shores, and now offer more on-board facilities and inclusions than ever before. These days, cruise liners are a true reflection of traditional land based hotels and resorts and with all the expectations, dedicated conference rooms; break out areas; included AV equipment; accommodation; dining and inclusive team building options etc., but for a substantial lesser per person fee than your land based conference.

Similarly, and aside from the budgetary benefits, the panning of your conference agenda can be improved. As most short cruises are of a 3 night duration, there is greater opportunity to increase the agenda and conference content, break up the daily conference rigours with complimentary team building programs, and the opportunity to improve delegate morale; foster creativity; enhance focus and most importantly, improve delegate communication outside of the conference room and planned daily teambuilding activities.

A conference on-board a cruise ship adds real benefit to you budget controls. Overall savings for a cruise conference can represent possible savings as much as 20 - 30% less than a land based conference. Access to greater cost savings not only eases budget constraints, but affords the opportunity to increase conference delegate attendance, with every 1 in 16 delegates booked travelling free of charge.

The only requirement when considering or booking a cruise conference is the need to use a registered travel booking service. Corporate Meetings are both a dedicated professional conference and event planner and registered travel service provider, which allow us to remain your single point of contact throughout the entire process.  Through ongoing consultation, we’ll coordinate all processes required from initial planning to pre-departure to return.

For Australian based departures and arrivals, delegates only need to present valid Australian Government accepted identification such as a Passport or Divers Lincence.

We invite you to view the additional information regarding cruise conferences on our website. We have also included a couple of video presentations which can be viewed at your leisure, or if you would like to discuss a cruise conference option, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9363 7138 or via email

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