Venue Finding

Complimentary Event Venue Finding

We recognise not all events require extensive levels of planning, and that many in house planners like to manage many of the various aspects of their event directly, usually because of the private nature and content of their event.

Yet there are still elements that may require assistance, such as venue sourcing, one of the more daunting processes to any conference and event planning.  

All conferences and events are unique and selecting the right venue can go a long way to developing purposeful and successful outcomes, while at the same time creating positive perceptions on your organisations brand and core values.

Just as all conferences and events are unique so are the myriad of venues, and not are all suited to manage events of all types.

Part of our responsibilities as professional event planners is to get to know and understand the capabilities of the myriad of conference and event venues so we can recommend only those we know will more than suitably meet your event expectations.

Our venue site inspection experience can identify and highlight both the positive and the negative aspects that cannot be quantified by reviewing a facility's sales and conference literature.

Our venue sourcing services are provided free of charge and are completely obligation free, and best of all, when you ask Corporate Meeting Planners to source your next venue, we remain your single point of contact until the selection process is complete, allowing you to avoid the endless barrage of venue emails and phone calls.

Need more help! Whether it’s sourcing a venue for your next event or to discuss any of our other services, why not give us a quick call on +61 3 9363 7138 or drop us a quick email.


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